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So, What is an Air Graffiti Wall?

1. We bring a HUGE 10′ INTERACTIVE Projection Screen.

2. We take  a photo of your Guests.

3. Using State-of-the-Art Green Screen technology, we instantly put a background behind your guests.

4. We place a customized logo on top of the photo.

5. The guests (up to 4 at a time) take our special infrared spray cans and paint on top of the photo. Making it a totally unique and customized piece of art.

6. Your guests can use built-in stencils, stamps or paint free style.

7. Your guests take home beautiful professional quality photo prints of their artwork.

8. Your guests can share on FaceBook, Twitter or by Email.

Air Graffiti is an amazing digital attraction that lets your guests create their own, unforgettable souvenir!

It is the newest, coolest and funniest entertainment around.  We provide a digital graffiti wall and digital spray paint cans so you and your guests can create your own personal artwork.  It’s interactive and so much fun!

The graffiti wall is a 10 foot screen setup at your event.  The graffiti wall can be customized with a background or your guests can pick one they like.  Our friendly photographer takes your picture and it is immediately uploaded to the large graffiti wall.  Then up to 4 guests can take a digital spray paint can and have fun painting and creating their own personal street artwork.  This is so easy and no skill is necessary.  We also have stencils and stamps to help with your creativity.  Plus if you don’t like something, you can just erase it.  and best of all – there is no mess or smell!

Once they  have completed their masterpiece, we will print it and give it to your guest.  We can even add an event log to the artwork so your guests can always remember your event.  What a great fun and interactive party favor!!!

 Do you have a special event or occasion planned? Make sure that Air Graffiti is available when you need it – book it now!

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