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Sweet 16 Parties

 Sweet 16 Parties

Air Graffiti is an amazing digital attraction for a Sweet 16 Parties.  Everyone gets an unforgettable party favor to take home with them.


Air Graffiti is an unbelievably fun attraction that lets your guests create their own, memory-provoking souvenir!

Now is your chance to provide your guests with a unique experience and to amaze them.

Your guests create their own artwork using our unique and special digital spray paints.

Once your guests have finished their graffiti art, they share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, or email it to friends and much more.

You add a corporate logo, a name or use one of the many templates available to make the final result stand out and branded.


All the guests get their keepsake printed out. You will get digital video files.


Choosing a Theme

A theme isn’t necessarily required for a  Sweet 16, but choosing one may help make your party simpler to plan and will be more fun and exciting for the guests, both kids and adults alike.. When deciding on a theme, base your selection on the interests of your child. Ideas include sports, animals, games or movies just to name a few.  A much detailed list is below.  The theme will then effect many other pieces of the party planning. You should tie the theme to your party decorations and invitations. You may also want to consider making party favors to give to the guests that attend! If your party is as good as we believe it will be, then we know your guests will want something to remember it by. Your favors can tie into your theme as well.

The search for the perfect theme for your child’s Sweet 16 can be hard. Your kid has so many passions, hobbies, and Facebook likes, it’s hard to even keep track. But we have a solution! We talked to NYC-based event planners and found the hottest  themes for 2014:

The All-About-Me Theme

A typical kid wants to express himself with her Sweet 16 party. She wants to stand out and make a unique and outstanding impression.

Every aspect of this type of party reflects the kid-of-honor’s interests and personality, which typically includes plastering her face on everything it can be printed upon.

Photo favors, which have become a Sweet 16 commonplace, are also getting the personalization treatment.

A big trend is a red carpet and a Hollywood-style extravaganza.

The Movie Theme- This is Perfect for Air Graffiti

The hottest movies of the year tend to make popular Sweet 16 themes. And in 2014, that will definitely include these blockbusters.

To get in on the fun, think of centering your parties around epic films like ‘Catching Fire’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ as well as science fiction and fantasy films such as ‘Ender’s Game,’ ‘Thor: The Dark World,’ and 2014’s ‘Godzilla’ will have a huge impact on theme selection.

The Destination Theme – This is Perfect for Air Graffiti

Want to make your guests feel like they were actually transported to another time or place? How about Paris in the 1920′s?

You can enhance this theme by renting a venue that reflects your theme.

A destination party is great way to blow your party out of the water. If your child wants a tropical-themed party, take them and their closest friends on a tropical adventure at the local aquarium or to the local museum. This is a unique — and potentially cheaper — way to give your child the party of her dreams.

Big List of Sweet 16 Party Themes

  1. Animals
  2. Art
  3. Award Shows
  4. Beach / Summer / Nautical
  5. Books
  6. Broadway
  7. Camping
  8. Candy & Dessert
  9. Carnival
  10. Cars & Racing
  11. Cartoons / Disney
  12. Casino
  13. Charity, Tzedakah
  14. Chocolate
  15. Circus
  16. Club, Lounge
  17. Color
  18. Color Combinations
  19. Dancing
  20. Decades – 20s, 80’s, 90’s
  21. Design & Architecture
  22. Destination
  23. Diamonds & Bling / Embellishments
  24. Fabric
  25. Fashion & Style
  26. Fitness
  27. Food
  28. Football
  29. Future
  30. Games
  31. Glow in the Dark / LED Lighting
  32. Green Theme
  33. Gymnastics
  34. Hip Hop
  35. History
  1. Holidays
  2. Hollywood
  3. Judaism
  4. Lighting
  5. Lounge
  6. Luau
  7. Magic
  8. Mardi Gras
  9. Martial Arts
  10. Movies
  11. Music
  12. Musical Instruments
  13. My Favorite Things
  14. Name Theme / Logo
  15. Nature
  16. NYC, New York
  17. Olympics
  18. Pattern
  19. Photography
  20. Prints
  21. Season: Fall
  22. Season: Spring
  23. Season: Summer
  24. Season: Winter
  25. Shopping
  26. Singing
  27. Spa
  28. Space
  29. Sports
  30. Superheroes
  31. Technology
  32. Travel & Places
  33. Twins, Triplets
  34. TV Shows
  35. Venue